Agents of SHIELD gag reel

feat. actual adult and Yale graduate Brett “Bretty” Dalton

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Promotion Baby!

Got a promotion yesterday!

I am now a badass Injury Specialist.

So, these are things that should happen:





I would seriously sacrifice a turkey leg, a churro, and a limited edition traders pin just to have a bottle of Orange Grove.

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Sebastian Stan + the Wienermobile.

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Phil Noto ~ Superhero Candids
My favorite is Sue staring at Johnny in the UN Lobby.

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No wait but can we talk about how sad of a life Tony Stark leads because apparently he redesigned his entire tower around this team of people that he joined with for 1 day and ate dinner with one time and they all went off and did their own thing afterwards and meanwhile Tony is just. Redesigning. A skyscraper. That commemorates their brief friendship. In the hopes that they’ll come play with him again.

*Steve flies past on a helicarrier crashing it to the ground*

"Hey! Hey! Steve! Hey! You wanna stop by the Tower? You have a room! Look! Look at the "A" on the side! Steve!"

*Thor lightening-bolts past while wrestling a dark elf ship*

"Hey! Hey! Thor! Buddy! I got lots of stuff for you to beat up! A whole room! Did you see the cool "A" on the side? It stands for us!!!"

*Black Widow ricochets past swinging from the Winter Soldier’s robot arm*

"Hey! Hey! Natasha! Hey! Look! I had Pepper design your rooms! But you can redesign them! Did you see the "A" I put that on the side because of the cool thing we did that one time saving the world together!"

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DUALITY CHALLENGE ➤ emotion/logic

reason: the arithmetic of the emotions - elbert hubbard  

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feeling so attacked [ listen ]

If it seems bad, it’s bad. If it doesn’t, it’s really bad. Such is the way Clint Barton’s life is.

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galentine’s gift exchange pinch hit for brbshittoavenge! happy galentine’s darling!

These are scientific facts. Tony ran the numbers.

"On asgard, they call me ragnarok."
"I can kill a man with my eyebrows."

Yes. Yes yes.

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